When dropshipping with OJMD, all the finances and payout go through our system since we handle the logistics on your behalf and we are the ones partnered with the courier. Our payout scheme is explained in simple ways below: 

  • OJMD Ships your order: When you get an order, we ship the order via any of our partner couriers 
  • OJMD monitors the package: We monitor the package using our realtime updates
  • Courier pays OJMD: After a successful delivery, the courier sends an SOA
  • OJMD reviews the payment: OJMD will review the payment and file claims if needed.
    OJMD Accepts the payment: We will not accept the payment from the courier
  • OJMD Sends you an SOA: You will now receive an SOA from us
    OJMD remits your money: On the scheduled dates, Your payment will be remitted to your account.